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What is Bring Studio:

Bring studio is a business deployment platform. We combine design methodology, operations insight, and seed financing to turn early stage into on-stage. The practice of building new scalable infastructure can be daunting to the inventive founder but as founding partners, we focus on moving companies from 0 to 1 by providing expertise in scalable product design and deployment. With prior experience in sales and financing, strategic UX and content design, security and technology, we help to inform development for both scalable and trackable infrastructure.

At Bring, our focus is to empower inventive founders to execute their greater vision.

What we Bring

How we support our founders:

We understand that there are significant growing pains and practices that come with the startup process. Bring looks to provide support in several key areas often times overlooked by early stage or first time founders.

  • Product Design: Guiding product design from wireframe, to clickable prototype and deployment.
  • Operational Support: Support in corporate structure, legal and tax strategy plus early operations deployment.
  • Branding and Marketing: Support for early brand identity, deployment of marketing systems, and content strategy.
  • Resources: We share our expertise, exercises, and strategies, to get you caught up to speed.
  • Network: Bring community looks to connect founders with funding, advisory, specialists, designers or operators to conquer roadblocks and accelerate growth.

Bring Studio is focused towards providing holistic support to co-founders, throughout the startup process from drawing board to scale.

What you Bring

What to expect:

We expect buy in from day one. We want to work next to you in your business not distanced from you on your business. Our goal is to work in company with inventive founders to advance vision and company growth. This takes full commitment and while entrepreneurs often have multiple projects in rotation, we ask for full buy from our studio founders.

With equal part commitment and intensity from our founders, we have the ability to effectively nurture a growth centered company culture and propel the startup forward.

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